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Zen Roots: The First Thousand Years

Zen Roots: The First Thousand Years

Red Pine

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Dating from the middle of the second century B.C. to the middle of the ninth century A.D., 
Zen Roots includes the Heart, Diamond, and Platform sutras; selections from the Vimalakirti and Lankavatara sutras; Bodhidharma's Principles & Practice; Sengcan's Trusting the Mind; Yongjia’s Song of Enlightenment; and Huangbo's Transmission of the Mind.

These translations are accompanied by introductions and enough notes to explain what needs explaining but not so many as to get in the way. 
Zen Roots is the perfect companion for travel, to accompany one to the higher elevations, or just to read in the backyard.

Paperback, Feb 22nd 2022