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Westerly, Kathleen M. Fink and Courtland Loomis

Westerly, Kathleen M. Fink and Courtland Loomis

Arcadia Press

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These images take us on a journey into the past. We see pictures of local buildings and businesses, many of which no longer exist but are still warmly remembered by native citizens, and we also see the many stages of development, including street widening and drainage, which have revolutionized life for local people over the decades. Other photographs show how much transport in particular has changed, as we see the great sailing vessels of the early nineteenth century and early modes of transport such as horses and carriages and open trolleys. From livery stables in the 1800s we are transported to the era of the automobile with pictures of Hoxsie Plymouth Dodge in the early 1900s and early autos from the 1920s and 1930s. There are images of the famous local Smith quarries, showing granite employees at work and the oxen-drawn carts used at that time. Taken over many decades, the photographs collected here bring home just how much the town has changed over the years. We experience bad times as well as good as we witness the many fires which have so drastically changed the landscape of Westerly and also the harsh years of the 1930s when the area was devastated by the Great Depression. Most important of all, we encounter the local people of Westerly, at work and at play over the decades, including school groups, sports teams, fraternities, and individual portraits of the men, women, and children who have created Westerly's history. Combining fascinating old photographs and concise, yet informative, text, this compelling visual history will delight young and old, resident and visitor alike.