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Warren, by Ruth Marris Macaulay and John Chaney

Warren, by Ruth Marris Macaulay and John Chaney

Arcadia Press

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The town of Warren, Rhode Island, began life as a maritime community in the late 1700s. It continued to base its economy on the sea until the mid-1800s, when the construction of a mill shifted the town's economic base to textiles. This exciting new photographic history of Warren chronicles the town's development from about 1870 to 1970. Warren today includes a remarkable number of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century homes, wharves, and warehouses, and many of the earlier incarnations of these structures are still recognizable in today's landscape. The view from the steeple of the Methodist church is substantially unchanged from that which appears in a photograph taken in the 1870s, and only the stately elms—since victims to disease—are missing today from nineteenth-century streetscapes. This marvelous new volume communicates the living history of a charming New England seaport town.