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The Lower Blackstone River Valley, by Charles E. Savoie

The Lower Blackstone River Valley, by Charles E. Savoie

Arcadia Press

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Captivating and entertaining, this new collection ofrare images brings to life the past of the historic Lower Blackstone River Valley. With insightful captions and hundreds of breathtaking photographs, author Charles Edouard Savoie introduces us to many of the early residents who shaped the future of the five communities in this area. We are transported back in time to see early homes and places of work, play, worship, and education. Covering the towns of Lincoln, Cumberland, Central Falls, Woonsocket, and Pawtucket, this new volume sheds light on how the communities of the lower valley evolved from primitive agricultural settlements coexisting withNative American tribes to sprawling industrial mill villages, towns, and cities. Valley residents are profiled, including a descendant of the Indian warrior-king Phillip-Metacomet, local military heroes, industrial movers and shakers, working-class people, farmers, and merchants. The people in the valley's communities are shown true to form—working,playing, and pulling together in times of crisis.