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Spin a Black Yarn: Novellas

Spin a Black Yarn: Novellas

Malerman, Josh

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Josh Malerman is a master weaver of stories—and in this spine-chilling collection he spins five twisted tales from the shadows of the human soul: 

A sister insists to her little brother that 
“Half the House Is Haunted” by a strange presence. But is it the house that’s haunted—or their childhoods? 

“Argyle,” a dying man confesses to homicides he never committed, and he reveals long-kept secrets far more sinister than murder.

A tourist takes the ultimate trip to outer space in 
“The Jupiter Drop,” but the real journey is into his own dark past. 

“Doug and Judy Buy the House Washer™,” a trendy married couple buys the latest home gadget only to find themselves trapped by their possessions, their history . . . and each other.

And in 
“Egorov,” a wealthy old cretin murders a young man, not knowing the victim was a triplet. The two surviving brothers stage a savage faux-haunting—playing the ghost of their slain brother—with the aim of driving the old murderer mad.

Paperback, Aug 15th 2023