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Richmond, by Kirk W. House

Richmond, by Kirk W. House

Arcadia Press

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Through the centuries, Richmond soil has supported everything from forest to farms to fairways. Long ago, textile mills were strung along the waterways and more than a dozen one-room schools dotted the landscape. In Richmond, rediscover those bygone places and other cherished scenes: country churches, farm boys, mill employees, state road crews with their horses, ladies in elegant hats, small-town doctors hurrying out in early automobiles, and Richmond boys in baseball and army uniforms. Meet schoolteacher Florence Richmond, legislator Lucy Rawlings Tootel, Civil War veteran David Kenyon, historian Eleanor Smith, and clothier Chet Sherman. Explore the villages of Carolina, Usquepaugh, Tug Hollow, Arcadia, Hillsdale, Wyoming, Alton, Woodville, and Wood River Junction. These people and places make Richmond a rural treasure.