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How to Write Poetry: A Guided Journal With Prompts to Ignite Your Imagination

How to Write Poetry: A Guided Journal With Prompts to Ignite Your Imagination

Rockridge Press

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A poetry journal for those looking to improve their art

Nourish your poetic soul with this instructive and inspiring journal. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking ways to expand your skills, How to Write Poetry is a poetry journal designed to nurture creativity and deepen your understanding of this age-old literary tradition.

Discover lessons on everything from crafting evocative imagery to exploring the nuances of rhythm and meter―all while immersing yourself in related readings that reinforce your connection to the instruction. Put your knowledge into practice with dozens of original, enriching prompts meant to jump-start a ritual of poetry writing. No matter where you are on your journey, this poetry journal will help you unleash your artistic voice.

This how-to poetry journal helps teach with:

  • A poetic primer―Go from basic to more advanced techniques with descriptive instructions that provide comprehensive guidance.
  • Practice makes perfect―Hone your skills with thought-provoking prompts and blank pages that encourage you to try what you’ve learned.
  • Finishing touches―This poetry journal contains expert advice for revising your poems, as well as a list of respected publications you can submit your completed works to.

Expand your knowledge and broaden your skills with a poetry journal that teaches you how to find your voice and share your passion.

Release April 7, 2020