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OMFG, Bees! Bees are So Amazing and you're About to Find Out Why

OMFG, Bees! Bees are So Amazing and you're About to Find Out Why

Kracht, Matt

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Are you ready for the ultimate bee book? With lighthearted watercolor and ink drawings, humorous quips, lists, and musings, OMFG, BEES! will show you just how important these esteemed bee-list celebrities really are. (Hint: We can't live without them.)

Delving into various bee topics, from distinguishing between bees and 
not bees (very crucial), to exploring the absolute wonder that is bee behavior (they do a coded dance directing their bee friends to food, for crying out loud!), to divulging the mind-blowing bee-magic behind honey making (within some extremely intricate and precisely constructed hexagonal honeycomb, no big deal), and more, Kracht's ode to bees paints a charming and enthusiastic picture of our favorite pollinators.

Bee-autiful full-color illustrations fill these pages that playfully and earnestly examine different kinds of bees, from the honeybee to the teddy bear bee, providing unbelievably cool facts about bees and reasons why they deserve a lot more credit as well as our appreciation and advocacy. Because omfg, BEES!!

BESTSELLING AUTHOR: Matt Kracht is the author of the bestselling 
Field Guide to Dumb Birds series: The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America,The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of the Whole Stupid World, and The Big Dumb Bird Journal. Now, Kracht offers something special for the more insect-inclined audience with OMFG, BEES!, an enthusiastic celebration in the same vein as Dumb Birds, with a little less fowl language and a bit more earnestness. 

A FRESH TAKE FOR BEE LOVERS: Most books on bees are serious in tone and highly academic. 
OMFG, BEES! is the first of its kind: a celebratory, funny, and lighthearted illustrated compendium honoring the little guys that preserve humanity as we know it! 

A HIGHLY GIFTABLE, QUALITY BOOK: This 5 x 7 inch, 4-color, compact book is packed with both information and humor, making it the perfect gift for novice bee enthusiasts to full-on bee experts.

BEES ARE IMPORTANT, FOR GOOD REASON: Without bees, Earth wouldn't be the same! We 
need bees. With an active Save the Bees movement erupting in the last few years, people are adamant about bee justice. According to Greenpeace, bees are responsible for one in every three bites of food humans consume—spreading this awareness and knowledge is ample reason to celebrate them!

Paperback, march 28th 2023