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Old Country

Old Country

Query, Matt

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It’s the house of their dreams. Former Marine Harry and his wife Sasha have packed up their life, their golden retriever Dash, and fled the corporate rat race behind to live off the land in rural Idaho. Their breathtaking new home sits on top of more than forty acres of meadow and aspen trees in the Teton Valley. Even if their friends and family think it’s a strange choice for an up-and-coming pair of urban professionals, Harry and Sasha couldn’t be happier about the future they’re building, all by their lonesome.
That is, until their nearest neighbors, Dan and Lucy Steiner, come bearing more than housewarming gifts. Dan and Lucy warn Harry and Sasha of a malevolent spirit that lives in the valley, one which, with every season, will haunt them in fresh, evermore diabolical ways. At first, it seems like an old wives tale. But when spring arrives, so does the first evil manifestation, challenging everything Harry and Sasha thought they knew about the world.
As each season passes, the spirit grows stronger, the land more sinister, and each encounter more dangerous. Will Harry and Sasha learn the true meaning of a forever home before it’s too late? Haunting and bone-chilling, 
Old Country is a spellbinding debut in the horror genre.

Hardcover, July 26th 2022