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Michael Kohlhaas, by Heinrich von Kleist

Michael Kohlhaas, by Heinrich von Kleist

New Directions Publishing

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Michael Kohlhaas has been wronged. First his finest horses were unfairly confiscated and mistreated. And things keep going worse―his servants have been beaten, his wife killed, and the lawsuits he pursues are stymied―but Kohlhaas, determined to find justice at all costs, tirelessly persists. Standing up against the bureaucratic machine of the empire, Kohlhaas becomes an indomitable figure that you can’t help rooting for from start to finish.

Knotty, darkly comical, magnificent in its weirdness, and one of the greatest and most influential tales in German literature, this short novel, first published in German in 1810, is now available in award-winning Michael Hofmann’s sparkling new English translation.

Paperback March 31, 2020