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Johnston, by Louis H. McGowan, The Johnston Historical Society

Johnston, by Louis H. McGowan, The Johnston Historical Society

Arcadia Press

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From the time it was separated from Providence in1759, Johnston has grown from a sleepy, rural town toa busy urban center with more than 30,000 residents anda diversified economy. Much of this growth took placebetween the mid-nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries,and it is this period that Louis McGowan and the JohnstonHistorical Society chronicle in this delightful book.McGowan and the historical society have assembledmore than 200 wonderful images from their archives andthe private collections of many Johnston residents. Theresult is a multi-faceted portrait of the town's citizens,landmarks, and historical figures. Some of the famousfigures discussed include Charles Fletcher, who built ormanaged the three largest textile mills in Johnston; theReverend Samuel Winsor, founder of the Six PrincipleBaptist congregation; James F. Simmons, the sole U.S.Senator from the town, who was forced to resign hisposition in disgrace; and Zenas R. Bliss, winner of theCongressional Medal of Honor and a distinguished U.S.Army officer.