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Italian-Americans in Rhode Island: Volume II, by Joseph R. Muratore

Italian-Americans in Rhode Island: Volume II, by Joseph R. Muratore

Arcadia Press

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Rhode Island residents greeted the 1997 publication of a photographic history of their state with muchenthusiasm. The first volume of Italian-Americans in Rhode Island chronicled the Italian-American community's rising significance in the state's development—in government, business, religion, and civic affairs. The author of that volume, Joseph Muratore, has worked again to produce a second book on Italian-Americans in Rhode Island that includes many new images. Italian-Americans in Rhode Island Volume II covers the history of the early Italian settlers, who quickly established themselves in the jewelry business, the manufacturing field, and construction business, thus creating thousands of jobs for the immigrants who followed. With their aggressive ingenuity, Italian-Americans developed, manufactured, and assembled machinery and equipment capable of mass production. In this book, the author captures in photographs the primitive plants and equipment used, the local businesses that the immigrants committed themselves to, and the results of the Italian-Americans' contributions to the economic development of Rhode Island.