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Italian-Americans in Rhode Island, by Joseph R. Muratore

Italian-Americans in Rhode Island, by Joseph R. Muratore

Arcadia Press

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From humble immigrant beginnings, the Italian-American community in Rhode Island grew to become a significant factor in the state's development. In government and in business, in religion and in civic affairs, Italian-Americans in Rhode Island contributed a great deal to the development of their communities. This marvelous new photographic history seeks to recognize those contributors and spotlight their achievements. Covering the period from 1884 to 1996, this volume showcases images from the author's personal archives, and the collections of local families, the Providence Public Library, and the Coalition of Italian Organizations. Major Italian-American figures in the state's history are illustrated, and detailed captions offer family histories—including information about the family's hometown in Italy—and brief summaries of the individual's achievements. This accessible and colorful presentation will appeal to many who wish to remember the contributions of their ancestors.