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How to THEY/THEM: A Visual Guide to Nonbinary Pronouns and the World of Gender Fluidity

How to THEY/THEM: A Visual Guide to Nonbinary Pronouns and the World of Gender Fluidity

Getty, Stuart

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In this charming and disarming guide, a real-life they-using genderqueer writer unpacks all your burning questions in a fun, visual way. No soapboxes or divisive comment-section wars here! Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always human, this gender-friendly primer will get you up to speed. It's about more than just bathrooms and pronouns--this is about gender expression and the freedom to choose how to identify. While they might only be for some, that freedom is for everyone!

How to They/Them is a friendly, gentle, entertaining introduction to gender, taking they/them pronouns as a starting point but covering so much more. With sweet illustrations, helpful timelines, and generous personal examples, Stuart Getty takes the reader by the hand and tells them everything they need to know about how to navigate the confusing, ever-shifting landscape of sex and gender. This book will give nonbinary readers a sense of being profoundly seen and everyone else the confidence to make the world that little bit safer for their nonbinary friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you, Stuart.”
—Meg-John Barker, author of Gender: A Graphic Guide and How to Understand Your Gender
“This tender, smart, personal book is a gift. Stuart Getty generously shows us, with witty illustrations and kind humor, the hows and whys of they/them pronouns. A wonderful and necessary resource that is a delight to read.”
—Michelle Tea, author of Modern Tarot and Valencia

September 29, 2020