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House with 100 Stories

House with 100 Stories

Iwai, Toshio

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100 floors. 100 new friends. 100 stories. Flip open this towering book vertically to climb and count with Tochi as he tries to discover who lives at the top of a strange, magical house.

Tochi receives a mysterious invitation to the House with 100 Stories. On each floor, Tochi meets the colorful, animal residents from squirrels working on their bonsai garden to bats taking baths on the ceiling. But who sent the invitation? Why do they live at the top of this strange house? Tochi must climb to the top to find out!

With a unique structure, readers flip open this book vertically to reveal towering illustrations of the House with 100 Stories. Readers feel like they are climbing the tower with Tochi as they follow the text from bottom to top.

Where’s Waldo? meets My Neighbor Totoro in this highly detailed and adorably illustrated counting book. Each floor features its own mini story as the reader counts with Tochi from 1 to 100. Packed with fun, hidden details, young readers will discover something new with every read.

Hardcover, Nov 14th 2023