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Grumpy Monkey Spring Fever (Grumpy Monkey)

Grumpy Monkey Spring Fever (Grumpy Monkey)

Lang, Suzanne

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Available January 2nd, 2024

When Jim runs through the jungle laughing and shouting with glee, the other animals are very concerned. This just isn’t the grumpy Jim they know. Soon Norman diagnoses Jim with a bad case of spring fever and tells Jim that he needs to find a cure. The other jungle animals offer suggestions: Take a calming breath! Sniff lavender! Take a nap! Try a time-out! Jim tries everything to get his grump back, but when nothing works, it becomes contagious and the other animals catch spring fever too. Soon the jungle erupts into a silly celebration of springtime as they all join in the fun.

From the bestselling team Suzanne and Max Lang comes another fun filled adventure starring the beloved chaacter Jim Panzee. Lively illustrations offering a belly laugh on every spread will delight the many Grumpy Monkey fans.