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Fables and Spells: Collected & New Short Fiction and Poetry

Fables and Spells: Collected & New Short Fiction and Poetry

Brown, Adrienne Maree

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Fables and Spells is a vibrant selection of visionary works, both previously published and brand new. Included here is brown’s most beloved story, “The River,” as well as the two sequel tales of her Water Trio. The remaining sixty-seven pieces explore moments of beauty, conflict, and transformation that also weave deep, radical lessons. With narrative “fables” of speculative fiction and “spells” that play with the lines between poetry, instruction, song, and chant, Fables and Spells demonstrates how good writing can engage the present while providing expansive visions of the possible worlds humans can build. 

adrienne maree brown’s previous work includes 
Octavia’s BroodEmergent Strategy, the New York Times best-selling Pleasure ActivismWe Will Not Cancel UsHolding Change, and Grievers. brown grows transformative ideas in public through her writing and art; she is a poet changing the world. She is the writer-in-residence at Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute.

Paperback, Nov 8th 2022