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Aquidneck Island and Her Neighbors, by Rob Lewis

Aquidneck Island and Her Neighbors, by Rob Lewis

Arcadia Press

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Take a walk down memory lane and experiencethe past of Aquidneck Island and her neighbors.Over two hundred stunning photographs and detailed,informative captions offer a glimpse into the rich pastsof Newport, Jamestown, Portsmouth, and Middletown,as well as Prudence, Gould, Hog, and Rose Islands.I n March of 1638, a group of Bostonians metwith Roger Williams and decided to purchase theIsland of Aquidneck. In the years that followed, thetowns of Newport, Portsmouth, and Middletownwere founded and soon became distinct componentsof a Narragansett Bay community. These islandshave flourished into thriving coastal communititesrenowned for their beauty and character.