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America's Secret History

America's Secret History


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Americans have always had a fascination with the Deep State, conspiracy theories, and more. But with the current surge of the Corona virus and the Covid-19 pandemic, a whole new way of questioning how our government operates has emerged. While we may never know exactly how this pandemic started or what has unfolded behind the scenes, we can now do what we have always done -- look back and see how "history repeats itself." This book will help us to better understand the major events in our country's past -- giving us a clearer understanding of the present -- and a window into the future.

America's Secret History presents an undistorted picture of the history of the United States.  Never in one volume have so many unknown facts that disprove America's history books been brought together in a cohesive historical context, all based on verifiable information.

The Truth Behind The Stories They Don't Want You to Know
  • Utilizing the House of Representative's little-known 1953 Reece Committee revelations, the Carnegie, Rockefeller, Guggenheim, and Ford foundations have systematically controlled education and the high-level appointees to the US State Department for the last century with the full knowledge and approval of the United States government -- part of the roots of the Deep State.
  • Conclusive proof that there has been one attempted coup d'état, and three successful peaceful coups in America's history, and that all were obvious Deep State initiatives to mold the government into its intended purposes.
  • Prior to the pandemic, 2,200 individuals owned more wealth than 60% of the world's wealth. In the first week of the pandemic, many of these same individuals wiped out $15 trillion in the stock market from investor's savings, widening this gap even more,  until pretty soon, they will own it all. America's Secret History shows how the Deep State, the Fed, and world governments caused this to happen.
Not another conspiracy theory book, America's Secret History reveals The Truth Behind the Stories They Don't Want You to Know, weaving all of them together to explain just how we find ourselves in Donald Trump's America.
"America's Secret History reminds me of Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States with a touch of the Illuminati. You may not agree with Steve Harris's conclusions (or even all of his premises), but this book will definitely make you think, and possibly reconsider, what you think you know about our country.” 

— Ian Randal Strock, author, The Presidential Book of Lists
Hardcover release: May 19, 2020