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Adjustment Day, a novel by Chuck Pahniuk
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Adjustment Day, a novel by Chuck Pahniuk


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Hardcover.   Released May 1st, 2018

Published by W. W. Norton & Co. 

“A quick, horrifying descent into madness and murder, gorgeous in its psychotic build-up and over-the-top execution.”
- Jason Sheehan, National Public Radio Book Reviews

“Palahniuk toys with our cultural dividing lines―race, class, sexuality―and all the fears, myths, and conspiracies that come along with them. The result is a novel that straddles both the horrific and the absurd, kind of like present-day America.”
- Peter Rugh, Vice

Adjustment Day feels, in many ways, like a novel made out of the times we’re living in―one in which cult of personality (and a desire to belong to specific tribes) fractures the world people are familiar with, and creates something different―and worse―in its wake.”
- Graeme McMillan, The Hollywood Reporter

“[ Adjustment Day] is what you'd expect from the author best known for writing Fight Club: violent, kinetic, and deeply disturbing.”
- Kerry Shaw, Goodreads