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A Place Bewitched and Other Stories

A Place Bewitched and Other Stories

Gogol, Nikolai

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A wounded solider vanishes into notoriety.

A nose is found in a loaf of bread.
Places―like the Nevesky Prospect―are not what they seem.

Nikolai Gogol was one of the nineteenth century’s greatest and most influential Russian writers, a realist whose acerbic observations and taste for the absurd give his writing its strange, comic voice.

In this edition of A Place Bewitched and Other Stories, Natasha Randall presents a new, curated collection of Gogol’s short fiction, selected from the work of Constance Garnett, one of Gogol’s earliest translators. Randall has lightly revised Garnett’s essential translations and frames the collection with a new foreword. Full of the wit of Gogol’s work, this edition is the perfect introduction to a great writer and a must for the enthusiast.

Paperback, Mar 1st 2022