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Symposium Books and Records | 240 Westminster Street | Providence
Small amount (up to 2 boxes):  Walk in Monday-Friday, 10-3. 
Large collection - call first - 401-273-7900. 
PARKING: 1. On-street at meters (some take quarters, some take credit/debit cards). 2. Parking lot next door - Westminster and Union (2 free hours with validated ticket - we will validate your ticket).
If you have a lot of boxes, pull in to the Loading Zone directly across from the store, hazard lights on, and pop in to the shop for the hand cart. Once the books are in the store, please move your car to a parking spot.
WE BUY: philosophy, feminism, sociology, literature / fiction / mysteries / science fiction, current and bestselling young adult fiction, poetry / drama, pulitzer prize winners, booker prize winners, classic and contemporary cookbooks, art, design and photography, independent and small presses, international editions, noir, 
WE ALSO BUY: old Mass Market Books - the small, often thin paper, sometimes colored paper, cool cover art books that were printed in the 60's and 70's to save paper. We are interested in Pre-ISBN only, reasonably well known authors and titles (eg: George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Albert Camus, Lord of the Flies, 1984, Little Prince). Condition isn't critical. We understand they were inexpensively made back in the day. There are pulp art/camp mass market covers from the same era that we buy, even if the authors are not well known. 
WE DO NOT BUY: food network cookbooks, hardcover mystery writers, (not you, Stephen King, we love you), 
Lower your expectations of what any book fetches on the used book market!
We are not antiquarian book dealers. If you have a rare book, take it to a rare book dealer.

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