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Lucky Red

Lucky Red

Cravens, Claudia

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The heart wants what it wants. Saddle up, ride out, and claim it.
When Bridget arrives penniless in Dodge City, already disillusioned by feckless men and the uncompromising landscape, she has only her wits to keep her alive. Thanks to the allure of her bright red hair and country-girl beauty, she’s recruited to work at the Buffalo Queen, the only brothel in town run by women. Bridget takes to brothel life, appreciating the good food, good pay, and good friendships she forms with her fellow “sporting women.”

But with the arrival of some infamous outlaws at the start of winter, tensions in Dodge City run high. When the Buffalo Queen’s peace and security are threatened, Bridget must decide what she owes to the women she loves and what it looks like to claim her own destiny.

A thoroughly modern reimagining of the Western genre, 
Lucky Red is a masterfully crafted, propulsive tale of adventure, loyalty, desire, and love.

Paperback, June 4th 2024