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Little Shrew

Little Shrew

Miyakoshi, Akiko

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Akiko Miyakoshi returns with a beguiling, quietly magical appreciation of life's little pleasures. Little Shrew is diligent in all parts of life. He's a hard worker and follows a strict schedule from morning to night. But even a life that runs like clockwork can be filled with unexpected pockets of joy, such as solving a puzzle for the very first time, enjoying the scent of freshly baked bread, seeing the vast beauty of a shimmering blue ocean or delighting in a visit with friends. This collection of three short stories --- perfect for emerging readers --- is illustrated in Miyakoshi's signature soft monochrome palette with pops of color. The charming tales celebrate enduring friendships, dreams for the future and the little pleasures that make everyday life more meaningful.

Hardcover, June 4th 2024