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Bohème Cooking: French Vegetarian Recipes

Bohème Cooking: French Vegetarian Recipes

Solomon, Carrie

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When Carrie Solomon first moved to France 20 years ago, it was far from la belle vie for a vegetarian immersing herself in local cuisine. Restaurants promoted nose-to-tail cooking and chefs had yet to start normalizing farm-to-table cuisine. But a vegetable-forward French cuisine―perhaps one that had always been innate to the country’s agricultural abundance―began to gain popularity; chefs started growing ingredients from their own gardens, vegetables increasingly made their way onto brasserie menus, and soon Carrie was experimenting with vegetarian French dishes, both classic less traditional,in her tiny Parisian kitchen. From an easygoing, bohème lifestyle in France, Carrie’s flair for cooking unique vegetarian dishes emerged.            

In Bohème Cooking, she takes you on a journey to capture that little piece of Paris, Nice, and beyond in your own kitchen. This is vegetarian cooking that reflects the modern, unfussy garden-forward French cuisine that Carrie has grown to love. It’s herbaceous and bright, with recipes like Pickled Beet Charcuterie and Chickpea Flour Frites for apéro hour with friends. It’s warm and earthy, with a comforting Mushroom and Potato Tartiflette or a French-onion style Celery Root Soup. And it’s the sweet simplicity of French favorites like Souffléd Crepes with Summer Fruit, as well as an easy riff on the classic millefeuille. This utterly charming portrait of France’s love for vegetables will sweep you away into Carrie’s imaginative kitchen. 

Hardcover, May 14th 2024