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Black Girl IRL: Life Between the Mess and the Magic

Black Girl IRL: Life Between the Mess and the Magic

Azodo, Gail Hamilton

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The one who works a 9 to 5 or maybe owns her own business or is completing her master’s. Or how about the one who is figuring out how to be a good mom or wife or daughter? Or the one that’s doing all of the above? Hi, that’s a lot of us. Black women are doing it all, and it’s not just the Oprahs and Beyonces. There’s an entire group of us that are just, well, regular.
We’re handling things like figuring out if this is the right time to speak up in that work meeting and risk our opinion now being the “voice” for all Black women at our job or if this is the right night to introduce our silk hair bonnet to our nighttime routine in the relationship that is just getting serious. These experiences range from impactful to trivial life decisions, but they shape who we are. So where is our place for this type of girl-talk and unfiltered sharing?
Gail Hamilton Azodo is your thirty-something, corporate-ladder-climber turned entrepreneur, mom, wife, and Black Girl IRL. In her dinners, happy hours, and group texts with Black women they shared everything from motivational quotes to the latest on Black girl advice on how to cut ties with friends who no longer aligned with our purpose. In short, providing each other with a how-to on successfully navigating life as everyday Black women. Gail is here to share these authentic stories of being everyday Black women—with a fair number of frills but mostly regular life.

Paperback, March 12th 2024