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Calypso, by David Sedaris

Little, Brown and Company

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Published May 29th, 2018

"If there's one thing you can count on in life, it's Sedaris to leave you giggling on the beach in both humor and horror. His latest collection of stories is a bit more serious than his previous, but even when the Sedaris clan is at its worst, the humorist reveals their antics with his characteristic wit in a way that manages to both soften and sharpen the dark truths behind the stories he tells."― Allison McNearney, The Daily Beast

"With this tenth book, Sedaris demonstrates yet again what makes him the best American humorist writing today: a remarkable ability to combine the personal with the political, the mundane with the profane, slime with sublime, and hilarity with heart."― Heller McAlpin, NPR

"The beauty of David Sedaris's personality-and what keeps his readers coming back for best-selling book after best-selling book-is his unwavering dedication to a helter-skelter train of thought... Calypso is his most personal and open book yet, shedding light on his late sister's struggle with mental health, his mother's addiction, and his own experiences with the legalization of gay marriage, but it still finds plenty of room for laughs."― Seija Rankin,Entertainment Weekly