Milkman, by Anna Burns

Milkman, by Anna Burns

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Milkman is one of our two January 2019 picks!

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“[Milkman] seeth[es] with black humor and adolescent anger at the adult world and its brutal absurdities. . . . For a novel about life under multifarious forms of totalitarian control―political, gendered, sectarian, communal―Milkman can be charmingly wry.”―The New Yorker

“Brutally intelligent. . . . At its core, Milkmanis [a] wildly good and true novel of how living in fear limits people.”―

Milkman vibrates with the anxieties of our own era, from terrorism to sexual harassment to the blinding divisions that make reconciliation feel impossible. . . . It’s as though the intense pressure of this place has compressed the elements of comedy and horror to produce some new alloy.”The Washington Post